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Academy 2021-2022

We will be live on Sundays and Tuesdays in the fall!

Thanks to a generous donor, we have a special incentive for new families with students going into K – 2nd! (For more information, check out our FAQ page. Link below.) Contact Director of Education Aaron Frankel,,  for a conversation about next year, registration, the incentive, and more!

Registration is now open! An early-bird discount of $50 per family is in place until Jun 15th.

To register, click here: AcademyRegistration Form. (If you plan on making independent financial arrangements, please contact Executive Director Michael Kahn prior to registering! View the Academy FAQ page for more information. Link below.)

Scroll down to learn what to expect for 2021-2022!

Vibrant Sunday Mornings, 9 – 12

Core Judaic Curriculum

Students discover Judaism in an experiential environment. Torah, Jewish Values, Holidays, Synagogue, Tikkun Olam, Tefillah, Hebrew, Ritual, Israel, Lifecycle, History.

Project-based Learning

Kindergarten through second graders learn through fun activities, using all the senses. Plus Israeli dance, music, art and more!

Third through seventh graders explore Jewish holidays in their choice of methodologies, such as Theater, Art, Circus, and Cooking, and develop rich, celebratory presentations for the community.

Tefillah & Jewish Life Vocabulary

Student-led community tefillah, embellished by student-created audiovisual elements. Hebrew words, phrases, and concepts integrated throughout the morning.

(Sunday programming will be structured with safety and flexibility in mind, and may evolve and shift as needed based on conditions and family priorities.)

Independent, Flexible Hebrew

The Hebrew Curriculum is personalized for each student, based on level, grade, and the interests/priorities of the child and family. (3rd-7th grades.) This can include Torah trope, extra B’nai Mitzvah practice, learning to lead the Shabbat morning service, advanced conversational Hebrew, and more. Live on Tuesdays, or remote at a convenient time. Individually, or in groups of 3.

Accelerated Start

Personalized Hebrew allows us to easily integrate late-starting students.

My children love how the Hebrew is designed for them! Larry P., Wilmette

Our 11-year-old son loves the individualized Hebrew, working with two other children who will be celebrating their B’nai Mitzvah around the same time. All three should be able to lead the entire first half of their services. Along the way our son has discovered something he truly enjoys, built his confidence, and surpassed his parents in his Hebrew skills—we couldn’t be prouder.  Daniel G., Glenview

Friendship, Family & Community

Ongoing Opportunities for Connection

Family programs and Shabbat dinners, community events, class get-togethers, holiday celebrations, school presentations, and more! Plus just hanging out in the lobby and schmoozing!

My kids always feel like they’re a part of something. Shoshanna R.  Skokie

My favorite thing about BHBE is that it is welcoming and inclusive of everyone, regardless of how observant you are. Stacy B.  Glenview

Chaverim: Camp Tuesdays, 4:30 – 6:00

As part of our Tuesday experience, every student in 3rd – 7th grades will have 45 minutes of personalized Hebrew in groups of three.  (Families interested in extra Hebrew work with a teacher can select to add an additional twenty minutes, from 4:00 – 4:20 or 6:00 – 6:20, at no charge.)  There will be a second period focusing on Tikkun Olam and the Contemporary Jewish World, along with unique experiences facilitated by Jewish camps in the region.

The dedicated teaching staff has been fantastic. Allison K.  Evanston

High-school Age Mentors

Madrikhim Fully Integrated into Program

More than 20 high school students serve as mentored aides in the program, providing role models for their younger siblings and friends. 

2021-2022 Academy FAQ

For tuition and membership information, details about the new-family incentive, curricular maps, school calendars, and more, click here!

For questions, a conversation about our programming, or to sign up for the 2021-2022 special incentive, please contact Director of Education Aaron Frankel.

Staff Corner


Laura Lerer, Kindergarten Class.

More introductory videos coming soon!

The Mission of the BHBE Academy

THE MISSION of the BHBE Academy is to nurture a thriving community of Jewish students and families, balancing cultural, ritual, and community experiences with core understandings and skills, infused with a deep appreciation for the Hebrew language. We strive to provide students with the tools they will need to lead a meaningful Jewish life in the present time, in an environment that is vibrant, energized, and experientially powerful.

BHBE Academy & Family Virtual Whole Megillah

This winter, we asked families in the school and congregation to create short videos based on components of the Purim story. We took these contributions and assembled them into the BHBE FAMILY VIRTUAL WHOLE MEGILLAH!

To view and experience, Click Here!

BHBE Academy & Family Virtual Seder

We asked families in the school and congregation to create videos of 90 seconds or less based on components of the Passover Seder. Then we added conversations and songs with students via Zoom, and wove together the results. Thanks to all those who contributed videos and photos and more! Thanks as well to our Academy teachers and to Cantor Roytman!

To View and Experience, Click here!

Academy in the News

On December 15, 2019 our Academy students participated in the BHBE Hanukkah Celebration with a great drama performance! Check out the article in the Wilmette Beacon here!

On March 18, 2018, we had a multimedia experience Seder, which included a circus performance. Make sure to check out the article in the Wilmette Life here and in the Wilmette Beacon here!

Sample Shachrit Prayers:

Eloheinu Veylohei Avoteinu

Ahavah Rabba