Welcome to BHBE!

BHBE’s mission is to foster a caring and welcoming community that provides meaningful, accessible, diverse pathways to our Jewish tradition’s wisdom, compassion, and joy in sacred multi-generational fellowship.

We envision BHBE as a holy community that serves as a spiritual center for all who engage.

  • Where lifelong learning is profound, joyful, and paramount.
  • Where acts of ma’asim tovim, good deeds, permeate how we treat each other and how we reach out into the world.
  • Where healing, comfort, and connectedness are offered.
  • Where engaging worship connects people to God, tradition, and each other.
  • Where we celebrate the joys of our personal and communal Jewish lives, creating and deepening relationships.

We strive for genuine moments and spaces to be shaped and influenced by our culture of caring and welcoming, maintaining a foundational connection with tradition and observance, leading to a deeper relationship with the community, one another, and God. We cherish meaningful and positive partnerships both inside and outside of the congregation.