Israel Corner

Israel Corner

Thank you to Hillel Furlager and others for connecting us with these wonderful articles and videos connecting us to Israel! Watch for new links in the BHBE News! Check this page for an archive of past articles!

9/14/2023 Archaeologists Find Mysterious 2,800-year-old Channels Near Temple Mount in Jerusalem

9/7/2023 Flamingos have started touching down in northern Israel, heralding the massive bird migration that begins each fall.

8/31/2023 Find out why Israel has taken a leading position in the flying car space, and when to expect these vehicles to be airborne.

8/24/2023 Researchers find that bacteria help trees cope with water shortages and in return, benefit from tree root secretions.

8/17/2023 Hebrew University researchers discover that lowering levels of nitric oxide in the brain reduces autism-like symptoms

8/10/2023 Airwayz featured at UN Sustainable Tech and Innovation Forum

8/3/2023 Israel to assist Greece in battling massive wildfires

7/27/2023 Surgeons reattach boy’s head to neck after bike crash

7/20/2023 There aren’t enough honeybees for ever-growing agricultural needs, so BloomX invented mobile units that bio-mimic the job of the bee.

7/13/2023 Israeli startup backed by Ashton Kutcher working on game-changing renewable energy source that’s also green to produce.

7/6/2023 Israel tests air taxis, drone supermarket delivery

6/29/2023 Amid massive flooding and an impending ecological catastrophe, Israeli NGO IsraAID rushes essential aid to displaced Ukrainians.

6/22/2013 NVIDIA to build Israel’s most powerful AI supercomputer