Israel Corner

Israel Corner

Thank you to Hillel Furlager and others for connecting us with these wonderful articles and videos connecting us to Israel! Watch for new links in the BHBE News! Check this page for an archive of past articles!

5/19/2022 Israeli electric planes soon to land in Australia

5/12/2022 Israel celebrates 74 years

5/5/2022 Pilotless electric robo-taxis getting ready for take off

4/28/2022 Turn the flood into a drip, urges Netafim CEO

4/21/2022 Arab ENT doctor rushes to treat Tel Aviv terror victims

4/7/2022 The world’s cleanest honey . . . comes from a lab

3/31/2022 In Ukraine, Israeli medical staff and Jewish volunteers help thousands cope with war’s effects

3/24/2022 Israel inaugurates “Shining Star” Field Hospital in Ukraine

3/17/2022 Watch this video highlighting Israel as one of the world’s leading nations in medicine, technology and innovation

3/10/2022 Israeli relief team flies to Moldova to help Ukrainian refugees

3/3/2022 Gravity watering system saves resources and raises yields

2/24/2022 Will an Israeli vaccine be a solution to new variants?

 2/17/2022 Watch this engaging video taking you on a “food tour” of Jerusalem! You can click “Skip Ads” to keep watching the video.