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BHBE’s mission is to foster a caring and welcoming community that provides meaningful, accessible, diverse pathways to our Jewish tradition’s wisdom, compassion, and joy in sacred multi-generational fellowship. For more information, click here. For information about our board or to visit us during a General Board Meeting, click here.


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By participating in BHBE activities, either in person or online, you may appear in photos or videos that we use and share. All photos and videos are the property of BHBE and may be used in BHBE publications – printed or digital. By participating, you give consent to have your (or your family members’) images, videos and voices included.

We recognize that nut and other food allergies are serious issues for many people. While we make every effort to ensure that no nuts or nut products are served in our communal settings within our facilities, we know that some of our vendors provide us with products that have been produced in facilities that also produce nut products. Our facility is not nut-free. We do not provide food allergy management training to our serving staff, nor do we have emergency treatment available for general use. We encourage those with nut and other serious food allergies to consult with their personal physician and ensure that you have an action plan in place in case of an accidental exposure. You can learn more about this serious issue at nutfree.org.

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Showcases our synagogue as a house of worship and a cultural center where people explore Judaism through music.

We aim to provide students with the skills, values, and understanding to lead a meaningful Jewish life.

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