B-Mitzvah Ceremony Honors


There are a number of honors during the service which you can assign to family and friends.


*Generally, the family is allowed 4 aliyot (blessings before and after a specific Torah reading).  One of the four aliyot will be for your child and there will be three more for family and/or friends.

Ark Openings

*There are generally two Ark openings and closings available to honor friends and family (between one and four people for each.)


*The Gelilah helps to bind and dress the Torah with its cover and ornaments after the completion of the entire Torah reading.


  1.   Prayer for Our Country, English
    2. *Prayer for Israel, Hebrew
    3. *Prayer for Israel, English
    4. Prayer for Peace, English.


This prayer can be chanted by the B-Mitzvah student, a younger sibling, cousin or a close friend.  (This honor is optional.)

(*Participants for above honors with an asterisk are required to be Jewish.)