B-Mitzvah Timeline

3 Years

  • Attending the “three -year out” meeting where the initial introductions are made and the B-Mitzvah Packet is received
  • Setting up/finalizing B-Mitzvah Date with Cantor Roytman.

2 Years

  • Attending the “two- year out” meeting for additional info and details.

1 Year

  • Begin making arrangements for the logistics of the day, by getting in touch with executive director Michael Kahn (Michael.Kahn@bhbe.org).
  • At this time, Cantor Roytman and Rabbi Crane should be reaching out to you to set up initial appointments. If you do not hear from them, please do not hesitate to initiate the process. cantor@bhbe.org; rabbi@bhbe.org

7 Months

  • Keep an eye on logistics – invitations, catering, photographer, etc.

3 Months

  • Email picture of your child to jackie.ernest@bhbe.org for the Bulletin.
  • Consider ordering Kippot, and tallit and tefillin through the BHBE Sisterhood. When ordering, Kippot should be shipped to the synagogue.

1 Month

  • Schedule a B-Mitzvah rehearsal day with Cantor Roytman.
  • Connect with the Ritual Chairperson regarding assigning honors (aliyot, ark openings, etc…).
  • Finalize catering and logistics.

The Week Before

  • The Saturday one week before the ceremony, each B-Mitzvah family is invited to serve as greeters at Shabbat morning services.
  • If the child is preparing the first three readings of the Torah, they are encouraged to read those during Saturday night (Mincha) and Monday and Thursday morning (Shacharit) services of the week leading up to the B-Mitzvah. The family is encouraged to attend as well. It is a good time to take pictures or videos during the actual service.

The Day Of

The day of the B-Mitzvah is a very exciting but an understandably stressful one for all those involved. So, here are some guidelines and tips for the celebrant on how to go through it successfully.

  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Before leaving the house, check and make sure to bring all B-Mitzvah materials (D’var Torah, copies of the blessings, etc.) with you
  • Be at the synagogue at the beginning of services at 9:30 AM
  • Sit on the right (cantor) side of the Bimah
  • Participate in the service to the best of your ability
  • If unsure, feel free to ask questions. Everyone is there to help you and to cheer you on
  • Relax and enjoy!