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Shabbat Service

Shabbat Morning Service At Home 

(Using Full Siddur Sim Shalom)

P’sukei d’Zimra (pp. 10-334)

Page 10 - Rise for Birkhot haShachar (seated at end of the list of blessings)

Pages 10-14  - Straight through box at the top of page 14

Pages 16-19 – choose a paragraph to read quietly on these pages, then close with bottom of page 18

Page 20 - Kaddish d’Rabbanan  (without “Yehei Shmei” line)

 Page 32 – Psalm for Shabbat

Page 50 –Mizmor Shir

Page 52 – Mourner’s Kaddish (without “Yehei Shmei” line)

Page 54 – Rise for Barukh Sheamar (seated after second paragraph)

Page 80 – Ashrei

Page 88 – Psalm 150

Page 334-336 – Nishmat


Shacharith (pp. 336-392)

Page 336 – Shocheyn Ad

Page 338 – Rise for Yishtabach - skip Hatzi Kaddish and Barkhu

Page 340 – Seated after blessing at top of page then Hakol Yoducha

Page 342 – El Adon and L’Eyl Asher Shavat (skip final paragraph at bottom for weekdays)

Page 344-352 – Continue until we rise for Tzur Yisrael at the end of page 352

Silent Amidah – back of book, then pages 358-364


Torah Reading 

Open with blessing “la’asok b'divrei Torah, no other Torah service blessings

Read the morning’s Torah portion (can read full or triennial)

Read text from morning’s Haftarah

After the Haftarah, continue with Prayer for Country on page 415 and Prayers for Israel (Hebrew and English) on pages 416-417.


Musaf (pp. 428-514)

Amidah (back of book followed by page 432-conclusion of Amidah); 

Page 508 – Eyn Keloheynu 

Page 510 – Aleinu (please rise)

Page 512 – Mourner’s Kaddish  (without “Yehei Shmei” line)

Page 514 – Adon Olam

Rise for Kiddush

HaMotzi - enjoy your challah if you have at home

Shabbat Shalom! 

Sun, July 12 2020 20 Tammuz 5780