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December 22, 2018 |Dangerous Work – Parashat Veyechi 

Rabbi Tucker

My colleague, Rabbi Adam Greenwald, tells the story about an eighth grade student who once came to interview him about being a rabbi.  In preparation for Career Day at her school the young woman had been assigned to meet with someone whose job she found interesting and to ask a pre-set list of questions including such items as: “Do you have to wear a suit to work?  How much do you get paid?  Is there much heavy lifting?”

Rabbi Greenwald describes that his favorite question of the bunch was: “Is being a rabbi dangerous?” a query that was probably designed with police officers or construction workers or deep-sea fisherman in mind rather than white collar employees.  Still, he found himself giving a most unexpected answer.  “Yes, Rabbi Greenwald affirmed, “Being a rabbi definitely can be dangerous.  Any job that comes with a title most certainly is.”    Continue Reading --->

Fri, February 21 2020 26 Shevat 5780