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December 15, 2018 |Words from the Heart – Parashat Vayigash 

Rabbi Tucker

Rabbi Baruch Cohen tells a story about the great rabbinic sage and ethicist, the Chofetz Chaim, who once had to go to a Czarist official and plead for relief from a particularly harsh decree against the Jewish people. Since the Chofetz Chaim spoke no Russian and the aristocratic officer spoke no Yiddish, an interpreter stood waiting between them. Once permitted to begin, the Chofetz Chaim delivered his message with all the feeling and sincerity that emanated from a heart as pure as his. When he finished, a pregnant silence filled the room. Finally the interpreter started to speak: “Your honor, this Jew claims…” Immediately the Russian official raised his hand and declared: “No translation will be needed. I understand completely.” As a result of the meeting, the decree was revoked.  Continue Reading --->

Fri, February 21 2020 26 Shevat 5780