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October 6, 2018 |Tuesday Weddings- Parashat Bereshit

Rabbi Tucker

There are lots of reasons why a person might want to get married on a Tuesday. For one, florists and caterers and photographers are far cheaper. The most exclusive venues, those that generally book up years in advance and are already taken by the time a couple finally gets engaged, are miraculously available. You’re less likely to conflict with another wedding or a bat mitzvah or some other special event which forces guests to choose between parties (although, admittedly, you’re more likely to conflict with a work obligation or a school commitment or an event of everyday life). And, of course, Tuesday is considered the luckiest day on which to wed according to Jewish tradition! Why, you might ask? It’s all right there in our Torah portion this morning,Parashat Bereshit. Continue Reading --->

Thu, February 20 2020 25 Shevat 5780