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August 18, 2018 | No Judgment – Parashat Shoftim

Rabbi Tucker

I’m one of those odd souls who sort of love jury duty!  Over the twenty-some years that I’ve been eligible to serve, I’ve actually been called up a surprising number of times – as an undergraduate in Philadelphia where I was dismissed because the very school that I attended was the one being sued, as a rabbinical student in New York where the introductory video about performing one’s civic duty nearly brought me to tears, while working in Princeton where the system was so automated  by that time that you didn’t even have to show up at the court house but rather phone in each day to see if you had potentially been impaneled (much to my chagrin, I had not).  Perhaps it’s my “path not taken” career as a lawyer or all the procedurals I watch on TV, the strong sense of “fairness” that has dogged me since childhood or, trite as it sounds, that old sense of civic duty so poignantly captured in the promotional film.   Whatever it is, when that official-looking summons card arrives in the mail I always get a little bit excited.  And I’d really like to think it’s about more than just the fact that there’s something strangely alluring about standing in judgment of another human being. Continue Reading --->

Fri, February 21 2020 26 Shevat 5780