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June 9, 2018 | Small but Mighty – Parashat Sh’lach L’cha

Rabbi Tucker

A beautiful midrash (rabbinic legend) tells of a mother and son who, after many years spent traveling in the desert, finally reached the Promised Land.  Having seen only sand, rock, and parched grass all their lives, they were amazed by the luscious fruit trees and vineyards of Eretz Yisrael, the swollen fields of wheat and lush vegetation.  Remembering the stories her own mother once told about the produce of Egypt so many years ago, the mother began to identify various items for her child: “You see these brown wooden pillars?  They are called trees.  And those bright purple spheres over there?  Those are grapes, and they have the sweetest taste you could ever imagine.”  The little boy was astonished.  “I guess that God must have put these trees and grapes right into the ground for us to enjoy, right Mom?” he asked.  The mother took her son’s hand and pointed to his pinky finger.  “I want to tell you something incredible,” she began.  Continue Reading --->

Fri, February 21 2020 26 Shevat 5780