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April 7, 2018 | Like Bread on the Seder Plate – Yizkor Passover 5778

Rabbi Tucker


Right before Pesach 1944 the Jews of Rotterdam, Netherlands, were deported to Bergen-Belsen along with Rabbi Aharon Davids.  Though they wanted to refrain from eating Hametz, there was no alternative source of nourishment at the concentration camp.  When their rabbi conducted the Seder and they arrived at the blessing for eating Matza, he reached over, picked up a slice of bread, and prayed:

Our father in Heaven, You know that it is our desire to do your will and we wish to celebrate Pesach, to eat Matza and to observe the prohibition on Hametz.  Yet that is what causes our hearts to ache, for the enslavement prevents us and our lives are in danger.

So we prepare ourselves to perform the mitzvah of “‘You shall live by them’ (Leviticus 18:5). – ‘To live’ – by the laws, not to die by them” (Babylonian Talmud Yoma 85a)….So we pray to you to keep us alive and redeem us swiftly – so we may observe your laws and do your will and serve you with a complete integrity of the heart.

“Amen” answered the congregation, as they fulfilled the mitzvah of eating Matzah.  [They fulfilled this mitzvah by eating] bread.

                                                          -From A Night to Remember by Mishael Zion and Noam Zion Continue reading →

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