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A Military Minyan

Earlier this week, at a hotel in downtown Memphis, I davened Shacharith with a minyan of military men and women.  This was not my first time praying with members of the armed forces -- last year on our BHBE Family Trip to Israel I had the great privilege of offering the Mi Sheberach for Soldiers to a group of young men defending our Northern border with Syria -- but what made this experience unique for me is that the individuals in this minyan were all rabbis, men and women working as U.S. military chaplains both here and abroad.  As the chaplains explained it to me, their role is to serve Jews who serve - as we do at a rate roughly proportional to our composition in the general population (if not a little bit higher).  They cannot think of a higher purpose for their life's work and, having been with them for two days, neither can I! Continue reading -->


Thu, February 20 2020 25 Shevat 5780