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The Failure Contest

Earn $500 by making a mistake.  This, essentially, is the premise of OpenMarkets Health’s monthly “Failure Contest,” an innovation brought to the company by BHBE’s own Michael Fineberg who serves as the organization’s CEO.  After noticing his development team bury a minor data leak that occurred during software deployment, Fineberg realized how important it is not only for employees to refrain from hiding mistakes but also for them to actively share their errors so as to grow from past experience and encourage a culture of experimentation.  So he started to do the counter-intuitive thing and incentivize failure, encouraging team members to acknowledge when an error has occurred, explain lessons learned, and detail how they will work with others to prevent similar mistakes in the future.  Each month’s biggest blunder receives $500 and is greeted by a round of enthusiastic applause at the company’s staff meeting.  The wisdom gained from the mistake, presumably, has an even greater reward and more enduring payoff! Continue Reading --> 

Thu, February 20 2020 25 Shevat 5780