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April 7, 2018 | L'Shana Ha'baah B'Yerushalayim Intro

In their Passover Haggadah, A Different Night, Noam Zion and David Dishon tell the story of a rabbi who came to shul one morning as usual to greet the older men who were his minyan regulars.  One challenged the rabbi playfully: “Aren’t you going to wish me Happy Birthday?” 

“Sure, how old are you?” asked the rabbi. 

“I’m 45 today,” the man said proudly. 

“Who are you kidding?” replied the rabbi incredulously, “You must be 75 at least!” 

“To be sure,” the gentleman said softly.  “But still today is when I celebrate my birthday.  You see, forty-five years ago I was reborn when the Allies liberated Auschwitz.  For me, the gift of life and the gift of freedom have since then been inseparable.”  Continue Reading --->

Thu, February 20 2020 25 Shevat 5780