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Passover 2016 | A Baseball on the Seder Plate

Over the past years, I have had the good fortune to attend many incredible Pesach seders including those led by my beloved father (z’’l) and by good friends in this community and others.  And so today I want to share a wonderful tradition introduced to me by Bob Lebeau, Leora Batnitzky, and family of Princeton with whom my Mom and I had the pleasure of celebrating Passover a number of years back.  On the Lebeau-Batnitzky seder-plate each year there is the requisite haroset and bitter herbs, the salt water and karpas for dipping, the shank-bone and the egg.  But in addition to all of these items, sitting in a proud place of prominence, is something that I had never quite seen before in this context – a well-worn, well-loved, dirt-encrusted baseball!  Why a baseball on the seder plate, you might ask?   Continue reading → 

Thu, February 20 2020 25 Shevat 5780