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March 24, 2018   I  March for Our Lives

It’s been a while since Shabbat got in the way of something that I really wanted to do.  At the beginning this was less true; when I started becoming observant about 20 years ago, during my junior year of college, it often felt like Shabbat got in the way – of shopping or taking the bus downtown, of doing homework (which required writing and typing) or going to the movies with friends.  But as the years have passed and I have settled into a routine, not to mention a community, I’ve come to appreciate the break from it all that Shabbat affords, the time for other things like reading or rest that Shabbat carves out, and I rarely find myself wishing that things were otherwise.    Continue reading →

Fri, February 21 2020 26 Shevat 5780