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November 22, 2017   I  Two Beggars 

An Afghani-Jewish folktale tells of two beggars who went each morning to the king’s palace to ask for food, each receiving a daily loaf of bread.  One of the beggars would always thank the king for his generosity.  The other would always thank God for giving the king sufficient wealth that he could give to others so graciously.
The second beggar’s words stung the king, and so he decided to teach him a lesson.  He ordered his royal baker to create two identical loaves but to place inside one of them precious gems, making sure that it was this loaf that arrived in the hands of the first beggar.  The baker did as instructed, handing the jewel-filled bread to the one who always thanked the king himself. Continue reading →

Sat, September 21 2019 21 Elul 5779