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Elijah's Cup Art Project

From Art Teacher Phyllis Levon-Agostino

Micrography is an ancient art form that uses letters to create pictures. 

Background  As our community and nation and globe navigate the current crisis, I am reminded of Eliyahu, as we open our doors and hearts to hope and healing.

Tradition at Seder  Before drinking the 4th cup of wine/juice, it is the tradition for everyone to pour a little from their cups into Elijah’s Cup. “It will require all our efforts to bring about redemption.” We open our front door to greet our honored guest and invite him to join our seder.  We pray that he will return to us bringing a time of peace and freedom and health.

Commentary   (A Night of Questions: A Passover Haggadah)

The first Pesach was observed while our ancestors were still slaves.  The focus of that Pesach is the doorway, the boundary that gives protection to the Israelites inside their homes.  Then it was not safe to open their door, but now even our children can open the door as we welcome Elijah, the eternal traveler and companion of the Jewish people.  He reminds us of the hope he carries. 



  1. Fold a paper in half to create a door. Make it look like your door. (You can also use a file folder)
  2. Inside the folded paper door, use the letters of Elijah’s name, in Hebrew or English, to form the shape of his cup. Use any combination of crayons, Sharpies, paint, or markers to make the cup and decorate the project.

Note: If you use crayons first, you can use paint or Sharpies over them to create an interesting pattern.  The crayons will not be covered by the Sharpie or paint because they are wax.

Elijah the Prophet in Hebrew:


Paper, preferably heavy paper or file folder. (Card Stock paper from Michael’s is good.)  Your choice of crayons, Sharpies, paint, markers (for writing and decorating)         

Please take photos of your projects when complete, and share them with Aaron at the synagogue. Then put it on display during your seder!       

Sun, April 5 2020 11 Nisan 5780